Lil Peep and His Career on SoundCloud

Lil Peep gained a following on SoundCloud due to his tracks as well as his association with the group GothboiClique. His account contains a few albums and many singles, giving fans a lot of content to explore. Peep’s tracks revolve around themes like broken hearts, cocaine, and designer clothes. Here’s the best way to get thousands of SoundCloud followers and have a good career.

What his brother had to say

Oskar, the older brother of the rapper, dispelled the Lil Peep façade that trapped Gustav Ȧhr. According to Oskar, his brother was very happy with his current life. However, the rapper became famous due to drug use and depression. Peep’s music was not able to catch up to the star’s evolution.

This irony is particularly noticeable in Fuck Fame. The rapper says he abhors doing drugs, but it made him popular. Other SoundCloud artists like Nav, Juice Wrld, and Lip Pump had experienced the same thing. Their songs often talked about drug use. Grow your SoundCloud account in a minute.

The aftermath of Lil Peep’s death

Good Charlotte honored Peep as well. The band released a cover of Peep’s single “Awful Things” that was played at the rapper’s memorial on December 2, 2017. Three Days Grace also posted a remix of “Witchblades” on Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, he was honored during the Grammy Awards on January 28, 2018.

Juice WRLD also released Too Soon, an EP that contained two songs dedicated to XXXTentacion and Lil Peep. Machine Gun Kelly’s Glass House paid tribute to deceased artists as well. Peep was mentioned in the lyrics of the song.